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Pedretti Gaming Launches Alternate Backglass for Fun House 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare

Now this is how you create a Bally / Williams 2.0 product. Minutes ago, the Italian firm Pedretti Gaming has just launched another cool option for Fun House owners who want to add the Rudy's Nightmare kit to their pinball machines, an alternate backglass. Limited production to 200 units worldwide, the new backglass is printed on 3mm thick translucent acrylic with double layered ink to make the colors more vibrant. The product will be available for sale through distributors and on Pedretti's website:

Pedretti just gets it. The support that they and their team have been providing to purchasers of the new kit up on Pinside has been second to none. I hope that Planetary Pinball sticks with Pedretti and Chicago Gaming Company for all future code expansions for the classic Bally / Williams games going forward.

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