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Pinball Adventures Shows Prototype for Second Machine

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Thank you to all who have served or are serving our country in the armed forces, including my father.

How’s this for multitasking…I’m writing this post on my phone while flipping burgers. An hour or so ago the aspiring pinball company, Pinball Adventures shared a picture of what appears to be a prototype of its second game, “Elements.” The pic was accompanied with the following statement:

A start of something new!

Something interesting to follow. Below is a description of the theme from the company’s website:

The world has been plagued with five of the deadliest element monsters and the infinity mirror is glowing bright red. Three warriors, a Deadly Valkyrie, a Stealth Ninja and a Mighty Knight need to combat and conquer these element monsters. You need to bring back the infinity mirror to the pure white that it once was before it’s too late!

Dinner time!

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