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Pinball Brothers and Pedretti Gaming Form Euro Pinball Corp.

This morning, Pinball Brothers, maker of pinball machines like Alien and Queen, announced in its year-end newsletter that along with its manufacturing partner Pedretti Gaming, it has officially formed a company called Euro Pinball Corp. In its announcement, Pinball Brothers stated the following...

The purpose of the new company is to provide a superior platform for large scale manufacturing of pinball machines. Besides the raw capacity increase it will allow us to run production of multiple games in parallel.

Pinball Brothers recently shipped a small production run of its new Queen pinball machines to customers who signed up to take part in an early run of games. The company is currently sorting through a few minor issues with this batch before starting a large production run in January.

Production will slow slightly in early 2023 as the companies move production to a new facility. The ultimate goal of doing so is to be able to decrease lead times and make games available on demand.

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