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Pinball Brothers Queen Pinball Machine Will Be at Next Week's Pinball Expo

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Yesterday I wrote about how Stern Pinball's new James Bond pinball machine will be available for the public to play on location at Enterrium and Logan Arcade in Chicago during next week's Pinball Expo convention. That likely means that Bond will be available to play at the show as well.

Earlier today I came across the following social media post from Pinball Brothers. Many people have been wondering if the Company's new pinball machine, Queen, will be at Pinball Expo after missing its earlier planned debut at the Super Awesome Tailgate Party. I asked to make sure, and confirmed that Pinball Brothers will indeed have one or two Queen prototype machines at Expo as well.

This means there's going to be at least two new pinball machines that have never before played in the United States at Expo (with an outside chance of another that I've been hearing rumblings about). Very exciting!

I'm supposed to be getting more information on this subject from Pinball Brothers. I'll update everyone when I hear anything else.

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