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Pinball Brothers Shares Pictures of Entire Cabinet of Ripley Edition Alien Pinball Machine

After showing us a preview of what the final version of its new Ripley Edition Alien pinball machine looks like on Thanksgiving, today Pinball Brothers showed off more pictures of the game, including both sides of the cabinet on its social media pages.

Customers who purchase the new Ripley Edition of the game before December 31st will receive both new translites, this new one and the recently revealed "Loader" version.

Pinball Brothers adds the fancy new Lior Art of Pinball mods to the games right before they ship.

Ripley now appears in the code for the game. Specifically, Alien Pinball now contains 33 new movie clips containing the character. The new code is available to all owners of Pinball Brothers' Alien machines. The new Ripley version also contains new sculpts from The Art of Pinball. The machine is on sale now for $7,995 USD.

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Nov 25, 2023

It's OK..I was hoping they would have enhanced the original Loader art on the translite, but I do like this newer version (although the color pallet looks a tad pale to me)..I'm not a fan of the left back box art; just doesn't fit the random 'starship troopers feel' that the rest of the cab is doing...but it's also retro in its' own style..either way, I'm glad these are being produced, and at a 'normal' price :) People who have not played ALIEN really, really need to check it out. My LV is bolted down.

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