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Pinball Brothers Shares Short Teaser Video Promoting Upcoming Third Game

A little while ago, Pinball Brothers shared another short teaser video for its upcoming third pinball machine. The first video that the Company shared showed a helicopter that contained a cool ball-lock mechanism.

This second video shares a quick look at a disco ball, lending more credibility to the rumor that the game will be based upon the Swedish pop band ABBA. Along with the disco ball images, the video includes the tagline "REVIVE THE THRILL"

As I mentioned on this site a week ago, Pinball Brothers is holding an event to reveal the game on Saturday April 6th at 6:00 PM CEST (Noon Eastern) at the Clarion Hotel Örebro in Örebro, Sweden. That date, not so coincidentally, is also the 50th anniversary of ABBA winning the European music contest Eurovision.

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Well it’s definitely ABBA. No more speculation if it’s Predator or M.A.S.H. Which I knew it wouldn’t be.

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