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Pinball Brothers Shares Video of New Alien Topper in Action; Online Connectivity Coming to Pulp Fiction Pinball

A few minutes ago, Pinball Brothers shared a new video of its official topper for its Alien pinball machine in action. We've seen what the topper looks like before, but I don't think that we've seen how it interacts with gameplay yet. Pretty cool!


Information about another pinball add-on has begun to trickle out as consumers take delivery of their Pulp Fiction machines.

Chicago Gaming Company and Raw Thrills are going to release an online connectivity kit for the game that enables owners to update code and utilize Scorbit functionality. The kits will cost $99 and they come with a Pulp Fiction t-shirt.

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I'm also excited about this topper..Glad I ordered. The only thing that might make it slightly 'off' is my alternate back(plexi)glass..hard to know until I receive it. That light show is off the hook! Hopefully it comes with a wedge for the back side to angle it down towards the player (like the Mando Topper),. If not, it's DIY time.


Alien Topper looks incredible. Lior does amazing work. Now, if they can just gets these shipped to us who ordered months ago.

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