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Pinball Brothers Shows Off First Gameplay of ABBA Pinball

Today, on the 50th Anniversary of ABBA winning the Eurovision music contest, Pinball Brothers officially launched it's third pinball machine - ABBA at an event at the Clarion Hotel in Örebro, Sweden.

We got to see official pictures of the two versions of the game the other day. Today we get an idea of what the gameplay, code and video assets look like. Unfortunately, it was over the shoulder footage rather than a streaming rig.

I have placed a link to the launch video below for anyone who wants to check it out as well as a game brochure that I recently game across.

According to what I've heard, Pinball Brothers will begin shipping ABBA in May.

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They need to fix the crappy AI art on Bjorns weird body shape and the six fingers on Anni’s left hand. PB should have priced the LE as the same price of Alien RE. $10k is too much, especially with all the pinball manufacturers we have now.

Queen didn’t sell well and they are more mainstream than ABBA. My family are big ABBA fans and also of Queen.

Replying to

Bruh, you're so wrong about the AI art thing it's embarrassing


Looks like a slightly revised Alien…

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