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Pinball Brothers to Officially Reveal Game #3 at Chicago Pinball Expo 2023

With yesterday's official announcement of Venom as Stern Pinball's next cornerstone game, I've started thinking about what other new pinball machines we will see in 2023. I strongly suspect that we will see a new pin from Jersey Jack later this year, but what else beyond that? I have a feeling that people will be very surprised by the number of pinball machine reveals that we see during the second half of 2023, with another wave almost reminiscent of the Spring '23 deluge of titles starting in this fall.

Here's one...Pinball Brothers, the maker of Alien and Queen pinball machines, is currently scheduled to officially reveal its third title at the upcoming Pinball Expo show, which takes place Schaumburg, Illinois from October 18th through the 21st.

Pinball Brothers game three was already in the works when I spoke with Pinball Brothers directly in the Fall of 2022. At the time they confirmed that it is another licensed theme.

The Company certainly has plenty of production capacity now, with the newly established Euro Pinball Corp (EPC) that it formed in conjunction with Pedretti Gaming. I love how transparent they have been with pictures of the factory in action (see below). The EPC factory has the capacity to produce between 100 and 150 games per month, with multiple titles being manufactured at the same time.

The license for Pinball Brothers game three has already been secured, but that's not it for the Company. Pinball Brothers has plans for several more new titles beyond that with reveals centered around the aforementioned Pinball Expo and the Texas Pinball Festival.

So that's one new game that we'll see in 2023. What else is coming? Big things are going to happen in the fall. What are you hearing? If you know anything interesting or just want to talk pinball and arcade stuff, shoot me an e-mail at or via Facebook Messenger. I love talking about this stuff!

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Spoiler alert: it's ABBA

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