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Pricing for Stern Pinball's New Game JAWS Remains Unchanged; Tentative Production Schedule; Pictures Begin to Leak

It's all JAWS, all the time this week. I recently received an e-mail from a distributor that contained some more information about Stern Pinball's JAWS. According to the message, pricing for the game remains unchanged from Venom...$12,999 for the Limited Edition, $9,499 for the Premium and $6,999 for Pros.

Also, according to the message, Stern is targeting late January for Pro games destined for commercial locations like arcades and breweries, mid-to-late January or early February for Limited Editions and late February for the first Premium machines.

Aaaaand the leaks have begun. I never want to be the first person to share leaked pictures, but an avalanche of pictures, clipped from the Jaws Limited Edition trailer have begun to circulate all over the Web, social media, Pinside, etc... Here's a small sampling of them:

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