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Pulp Fiction Pinball Production Update

Back in April I wrote an article here that provided a rough outline of what the production schedule for the new Chicago Gaming Company / Play Mechanix pinball machine Pulp Fiction will be like. At the time I said the following:

"According to Butch, CGC is currently planning on starting the production run with a batch of the Suzo-Happ dollar bill-accepting coin door version of the game for operators to get them out there and on locations first. Next up, CGC will build a batch of the regular aka Special Edition Pulp Fictions to get all of the kinks out of the manufacturing system prior to building the majority of the fancy Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition Models. Once the LEs are done, CGC will go back to building the SE and Suzo-Happ units."

Today I'm back to provide an update. According to what I'm hearing, Pulp Fiction production is currently scheduled to begin in October with a small run for locations and distributors. Those units will most likely be Suzo-Happ bill acceptor machines. CGC will watch those games closely and perfect the mass production process for the new game. Another batch of machines is scheduled for December and January. The bulk of the machines will not be built until two to three months after that. The fancy Pulp Fiction "Bad Mother Flipper" Limited Edition machines that have the topper will not be built until after February 2024 at the earliest.

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So I have time to save up lol!

Replying to

For the lower tier ones, yes. The LE's are already sold out!

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