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Quick Hits: How Many Games Jersey Jack Pinball Has in Development; Next Elwin Stern Pinball Game Detail; Digital Pinball Tournaments?

Good evening everyone. I didn't have enough big news to write any articles today, but I have a couple of items that collectively add up to one :).

First up is an interview of Jersey Jack Pinball's Jack Guarnieri by the Gonzo's Pinball Flipperama YouTube channel. They naturally had a great talk about JJP's recently released pinball machine Elton John. The one new takeaway that I took from the interview was when Jack said that the Company currently has three pinball machines in development, including Steve Ritchie's next game.

Next we have an interview of Stern Pinball's Keith Elwin by the Loserkid Pinball Poscast about his brand new pinball machine JAWS. The interview contained a lot of great information about the game, its development and what's coming for it. In addition to that, they got Elwin to divulge one detail about the next pin that he is working has four flippers.

Last up we have an an announcement a few minutes ago by Zen Pinball's new partner for virtual pinball machines, At Games. According to a post on At Games' Facebook page it has formed a new partnership with the IFPA. For those of you who aren't familiar, the IFPA is the governing body for real pinball tournaments. Does this mean that IFPA-sanctioned virtual pinball tournaments are coming? We'll see.

Below are the official announcement and the two interviews...

AtGames is thrilled to announce our partnership with the IFPA - International Flipper Pinball Association This collaboration marks a new chapter in bringing innovative gaming experiences to pinball enthusiasts around the world and contributing to the establishment of virtual pinball as a mainstay. Stay tuned for more updates! #AtGames #pinball #gamingcommunity

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Atgames Legends Pinball 4k is a good pick if a Pinball fan can't afford $4,000+ pinball machine. I have 4 real pins and still play on Atgames Legends Pinball because I can choose from 100+ tables. Still real deal is better but vpins are still fun. It's cool their online leaderboard is now official.

Replying to

I haven’t had a chance to play the new 4K virtual pin yet but I definitely want to try it out.


With JJP $12k and $15k price tags, I will never consider buying one, especially with how bad prices tank with then on the used market.

Jan 25
Replying to

Why not buy on the used market?

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