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Rumor About the Next Stern Disney Themed Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball has a very close relationship with Disney, having produced a number of Marvel and Star Wars pinball machines over the years. Stern representatives have said numerous times over the years that this relationship will continue. The question is, which Disney movie or series will the next Stern Pinball machine be based upon?

I was sitting here surfing the web and I came across a new rumor on Pinside that I found to be very believable...a future Keith Elwin pinball machine for Stern will be based upon the upcoming Disney+ animated series "X-Men '97."

Disney is making a big push with this new animated series based upon the X-Men franchise, there's tie-ins with actual physical Marvel comics, Lego kits, toys, etc... At some point in the thousands of pages of stuff that I've read about pinball over the past year I remember seeing another mention of Stern doing an X-Men pinball machine again in the future.

Stern did two Avengers pinball machines, so why not two X-Men? The X-Men '97 series is scheduled to debut on Disney+ in 2024, with some sources saying early in the year.

Note to the Pinside Peanut Gallery 🥜 - no all of my articles are not based on stuff from the site lol, admittedly this particular one is though. So thank you for it :). I have no idea if it's true but it's definitely one to add to our watch list. It seems very possible to me.

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