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RUMOR: Next Spooky Pinball Game to Release with Two Themes Again

Spooky Pinball is currently producing two games with the same layout, but different themes, Halloween and Ultraman. Zach Meny recently reported in the latest episode of The Pinball Network's The Pinball Show podcast that fellow TPNer Joel Engelberth said that Spooky plans to do dual themes with its next release as well. I personally think that continuing the production of multiple games using the same layout is a cool idea. It gives the company a wider audience to do one horror-themed pin and one that's more family friendly. For example, I personally couldn't bring a Halloween pin into my home arcade, it would scare the heck out of my wife and youngest son, but an Ultraman pin would be totally fine.

So if the next Spooky release is going to have two themes, what will they be? Dennis Kriesel reported in the Rumor Corner section of the latest episode of The Eclectic Gamers Podcast that one of the two themes will be Scooby Doo. The rumor that Spooky is going to do a Scooby Doo pin goes all the way back to the company's America's Most Haunted days. It's tough to say whether it will actually be true this time around, but I do think that it would be an amazing theme for the company and would sell really well. My boys and I have always liked the cartoon. I even do a pretty mean Scooby impression LOL.

As far as the second theme goes, the chatter on Pinside is saying that it might be the cult classic horror film Evil Dead. Like with Halloween, that theme isn't for me but a LOT of people seem to be interested in it.

I think that the odds of all of these rumors being correct, a dual theme of Scooby Doo and Evil Dead for the next game, are VERY low...but it sure is a lot of fun to talk about :). The rumors for Spooky are still all over the place. Heck, I've even heard that a music pin is in the works at there, so who knows. What rumors are you hearing about the next Spooky game? I'd love to hear from others on the subject.

Here's links to the aforementioned podcasts...

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2 comentarios

Josh Alber
Josh Alber
15 jul 2022

Scooby Doo would be a great theme

Me gusta

Harry Reimer
Harry Reimer
14 jul 2022

ZONIKS! now that is two very different themes.

Me gusta
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