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Setup for Chicago Pinball Expo is Underway; Pinball Brothers Queen is on the Floor

Setup for this week's Pinball Expo in Chicago is underway. The event recently shared a bunch of pictures of various booths and pinball machines set up in the Event Hall.

Man, Chicago Gaming Conpany sure brought a ton of Cactus Canyon Remakes. Stern is there with a large setup of games, including the new James Bond. Jersey Jack Pinball has a bunch of Toy Story 4s, including several Collectors Editions. Pinball Brothers has Alien machines and Queen! set up.

Doors to the main Pinball Expo event floor open tomorrow, Thursday October 20th at Noon. A couple of events start before that, including tours of Jersey Jack Pinball's factory, tournaments and several speakers.

Queen pic courtesy of Fliptronic

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Think we will see APs new game?

Oct 20, 2022
Replying to

That’s a good question. I’d say 100% no way will it be fully unveiled. I suspect that they will show some part of it in their seminar though.

I wonder if CGC will show Pulp Fiction?

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