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Spooky Pinball, An Easter Egg That Princess Bride is Coming or Pulling Our Legs?

Last night Bug with Spooky Pinball conducted his first ever live stream of the company's newest game, Scooby Doo, on Twitch. The game that was streamed was updated with the newest code, including the brand new Daphne mode.

It was great to see Scooby Doo being played by the person who knows it best in the World, but that's not what I am going to talk about in this post. I'm going to talk about Bug's shirt. Bear with me.

For years, Spooky pinball went around to Pinball shows with a Scooby Doo dog blanket in their booth. Clearly that was an Easter Egg i.e. a clue of things to come. So back to the shirt. No that's not a picture of Jim Morrison on Bug's shirt, it's actually Inigo Montoya one of the main characters from the popular 1987 film The Princess Bride.

A couple of weeks ago Kaneda's Pinball Podcast reported that Spooky Pinball recently acquired the license to create a pinball machine based on The Princess Bride. So is that report accurate and this is a hint of things to come from Spooky, or...did Bug hear that, it isn't true and he's just messing with all of us lol? Hmmmm.

I heard earlier this week that Spooky Pinball's next machine after Scooby-Doo may be another dual theme game like the Company did with Ultraman and Halloween. Perhaps The Princess Bride is one of the themes and paired with a horror theme for the dual game? Time will tell. At least it gives us something interesting to talk about :).

At the end of the stream, Bug was cool enough to hold a Q&A session for viewers (note to self rearrange my schedule to ask questions on the next stream lol). Here's a few notes from that:

- Spooky is going to add three Wizard modes to Scooby Doo and they also have some Mystery Monsters that they want to add into the game, including Ghost Clown and Snow Ghost.

- Spooky is soliciting feedback from owners as to which monsters they would like to see added to the game.

- The Mummy is one of the most requested Monsters and they are working on getting it into the game.

- Spooky Pinball does not have the Harry Potter license LOL

- Combo shots are coming to Scooby Doo in a future code update.

- Bug said that he loved the idea of Saturday Morning Cartoon themed pins. He specifically mentioned Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Flintstones and Pink Panther.

What a great stream. Kudos to Bug. He plans to do them on Thursday nights going forward. Wix doesn't like it when I try to embed Twitch videos here, so below is a link to the stream on Spooky's channel. Click on the link to check it out:

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

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I do like the theme. I'm imagining a mode where you have to pick the correct goblet that does not contain the poison. Of course they both have the poison, so you would have to make another shot to build your immunity up so the poison didn't have an effect.


Bug and Charlie also wore Freddy and F13 shirts to troll before the Halloween announcement.

I do think they have teased the next game very well as extremely few people are mentioning the theme in the rumor sections.


Joe B
Joe B

He does this a lot. I remember in one video there was a TC MASSACRE 2 poster in the back, etc. Who knows? Princess Bride isn’t a theme I’m running to get. Would love to see another horror movie but that’s just me.

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