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Spooky Pinball Begins Shipping New Scooby Topper; Updated Stern Pinball JAWS Production Schedule

I have a couple of quick updates for everyone this evening.

Let's start with Spooky Pinball. An hour or so ago, Spooky showed off a picture of a bunch of its fancy new Scooby-Doo toppers being assembled and tested. They have begun to ship them out to customers as well. That was quick!

Two more locations have provided photographic evidence that they have Stern Pinball's brand new JAWS pinball machine on location, the Chicago-area arcades ENTERRIUM and Logan Hardware (pictures below). Both of these arcades have the Premium AND the Pro version of the game on the floor.

These two locations join On Tilt at Ayce Gogi and Captain's Warehouse in California to make four locations that now have JAWS. All of these machines are prototypes that Stern has sent out into the wild for location testing.

Earlier today, the fine folks at the distributor Little Shop of Games provided me with an update on Stern's JAWS production schedule. Thanks for that!

JAWS Pro production is slated to begin early next week. The first ones are destined for locations, so we should see an avalanche of games in the wild soon. I can't wait.

JAWS Limited Edition production is scheduled to begin in early February and JAWS Premium production in late February.

JAWS at Logan Hardware:


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