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Stern Pinball Confirms that Improvements Were Made to New Run Stranger Things Machines

This afternoon, Joel Engelberth, the host of the YouTube pinball show Flip N Out With Friends, conducted a great interview with Stern Pinball's game designer Brian Eddy.

Joel and Eddy discussed a number of topics, but to me one of the most interesting ones was that as rumored and is often the case on Vault games, Stern Pinball's newly announced Stranger Things run contains a couple of updates to make the game more "predictable."

Stern redesigned the magnetic wall ball lock aka the TK Lock on the Premium Edition of the game to make it more reliable. They also made some tweaks to the Demigorgon shot to make it work better. I don't know the exact details of the changes that were made to these mechs. Some of these solutions may have been available to owners of original Stranger Things machines that utilized a Service Bulletin that Stern issued back in August of 2020.

There was no mention of the projector for the Premium Edition of the game, but the skuttlebutt is that the new run of Stranger Things has a newer version of the projector that is not backwards compatible with original run machines.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the hour-long interview. Click on the embedded vid below to check it out...

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