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Stern Pinball Experiences JAWS Limited Edition Parts Delay, Shifts Production to Premium Model

Happy Friday everyone! I have an interesting JAWS production update.

We got a brief video from Stern Pinball earlier today that showed a glimpse of Limited Edition JAWS pinball machines on the production line at the Company's factory. I've also seen pictures of some LE games arriving at customers.

However, Stern just sent out a message to distributors stating that it has experienced a delay in the arrival of JAWS LE-specific parts and that it has had to temporarily shift its production over to Premium models, starting with Premiums destined for the European Market. Below is a copy of the message that Stern sent to distributors, courtesy of Carolina Pinballs.

Stern went on to say "At this time it's unknown whether or not we'll finish the entire JAWS Premium build before going back to the JAWS LE." So good news for JAWS Premium buyers who may get their games earlier than expected and not so good news for LE buyers.

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