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Stern Pinball James Bond 60th Anniversary to Begin Shipping This Week; Stern Production Update

Last night I was listening to the award-winning Pinball Network podcast, The Pinball Show, and I was somewhat surprised to hear that Stern Pinball's new special Keith Elwin-designed single-level James Bond 60th Anniversary pinball machine is scheduled to begin shipping to customer this week. We all knew that the game is coming, so that wasn't surprising, but I am a little surprised that it is going to begin shipping to customers without having had an official gameplay stream yet. That's fairly unusual in the industry.

In earlier interviews, Stern Pinball's Chief Creative Officer George Gomez has said the 60th game will ship with the code very far along, at version 1.0. That's impressive considering that the main Stern James Bond game has already been out for a while and it is still only at code version 0.84.

Speaking of the other versions of James Bond Pinball, Pro and Premium variants have been on the line at Stern for the past couple of weeks.

Stern's super popular Godzilla Premium is slated for production at the company next week.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Stern Pinball's long awaited run of Elvira Premium machines is still scheduled for the end of February.

Stern is scheduled to produce more James Bond machines in April. However, the Bond Pro production run that was original scheduled for June bas been pushed back to the end of 2023 to squeeze in yet another run of Godzilla Premium machines. Man that game has been selling like hotcakes.

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