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Stern Pinball James Bond Machine to Make Public Debut at IAAPA London Show

Exciting times, we finally have a new pinball machine to talk about! A timeline of the release of Stern Pinball's new James Bond machine is starting to materialize.

- Next Tuesday, 9/13, at 8:00 AM Central Stern will reveal the game to distributors in a seminar.

- Tuesday 9/13 at 10:00 AM Central Stern will launch sales of a limited number of Bond LEs to All-Access members through its website. At that time, I suspect that the company will reveal the full details of the game to the public.

- Now we have learned, according to the well-known UK pinball aficionado Neil McRae via Pinside that from 9/13 - 9/15 Stern James Bond will make its first public appearance at the IAAPA aka International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Trade Show in London. If you live near London, get over there and check the game out!

Tons of rumors are still swirling about the exact theme of the new Stern Bond pin. The consensus at this point is that it's definitely based on the Sean Connery Bond era. The question remains whether it is based on several Connery Bond films or just one. If it is just one film, my money is on Goldfinger.

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