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Stern Pinball Plans to Increase Number of Employees By 10%

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Back in November I wrote about how Stern Pinball is moving to a new factory that is about 50% larger later this year.

This week a commercial real estate publication associated with CoStar recently picked up on the news. Almost of it is what I posted about earlier, but the article did contain one very interesting new piece of information.

Stern Pinball's Vice Chairman Dave Peterson told CoStar News the following:

"Stern’s real estate deals come as the company, which has 450 employees, expects to add 40 to 50 workers annually to keep up with rising demand..."

So it sounds like Stern is going to increase its headcount by approximately 10% after the move. That, coupled with the additional space, will definitely help Stern to increase production.

World's Biggest Pinball Maker Expands After Bump in Demand

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