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Stern Pinball Production Schedule for the Remainder of 2023

Well, now that Pinball Expo is over we're probably going to get a little breather on the new game announcements for a week or two. So today I bring you Stern Pinball's tentative production schedule for the remainder of 2023.

This week Deadpool Premium is on the production line.

In November Stern is tentatively scheduled to make Stranger Things Pro, Elvira (I'm assuming that the new Blood Red Kiss Edition), Stranger Things Premium and Godzilla Premium.

In December Stern is currently planning on running Godzilla Premium, Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, James Bond Pro and James Bond Premium.

That's what Stern is officially telling distributors at the moment. Of course it's subject to change. For example, someone told me the other day that Stern is going to do another Vault before the end of the year. Is that true? That certainly doesn't really seem to fit in the above schedule, so I'm somewhat skeptical, but with the new, bigger factory they sure have been bringing back a lot of games lately.

Also, the chatter out there is that Stern will show off its next big game, which is rumored to be a Keith Elwin title, most likely Jaws, before the end of the year. I hope so. I like the increasing pace that Stern has been rolling new stuff out at. It sure beats the doldrums of the pandemic.

Below is a look at Stern's production line during the factory tour that it ran at last week's Pinball Expo, where you can see Venom Premium on the line:

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