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Stern Pinball Reveals Holographic Mandalorian Topper, Featuring Exclusive Modes

This morning, Stern Pinball finally revealed the eagerly awaited topper for its Mandalorian pinball machine. The topper has a really cool, holographic effect that shows various images from the show and provides info on the game. It looks awesome, but it also has something that I absolutely hate, exclusive modes for topper owners including a topper-only multiball and topper-only progressive awards. One would think that paying $7,000+ for a pinball machine would be enough to get access to all of the available modes in the game.

Here's the description of the topper from Stern's official press release:

The Mandalorian-inspired Topper accessory introduces exclusive new gameplay features while transporting the player inside the cockpit of the Razor CrestTM, using a 3D holographic display in vivid color. New gameplay features include Mandalorian MadnessTM, a mini wizard mode, and BeskarTM Bonanza, a progressive mode that awards all upgrades in the FoundryTM.

The Mandalorian-inspired Topper leverages the Stern Insider ConnectedTM platform to enhance the gameplay experience. In addition to a player’s username and icon, the topper displays a player’s lifetime Encounter upper mini playfield accuracy percentage, plus lifetime BeskarTM collected for all games played while logged in to their Insider Connected player account. Players can also earn exclusive Insider Connected Achievements. The Topper comes equipped with Competition Mode functionality, displaying all player scores with the current high score being highlighted.

The topper looks amazing, it kind of reminds me of the Bounty Pucks from the show. This is one of Stern's coolest toppers ever, but its MSRP is an astonishing $2,000. I was seriously considering buying one for my Mando, but I think that for that price I'll just keep telling myself that the drop ceiling in my basement arcade is too low to accommodate a topper without actually measuring lol.

Below is Stern's trailer for the Mando topper:

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