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Stern Pinball Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of JAWS; Pictures of the Prototype Ball-Eating Shark Mech; Secret Mode

Yesterday afternoon, Stern Pinball shared a new one of its always interesting behind-the-scenes "Making of" videos. This episode focuses on the making of JAWS. I have embedded it below for anyone who wants to check it out.

The part about the design of the game's pop-up shark fin was particularly interesting. Ultimately, the design team decided that they needed a carbon fiber backing for it. They then tested the mech for 6 to 7 months straight on a special machine.

After they talked about the moving fin, the team shared pictures of the much discussed pop-up shark head in the game, including pictures of a never used ball-eating shark mech!

As players play JAWS, they earn shark teeth through their Insider Connected account. Players who earn enough teeth can unlock a special 8-Bit mode called"JAWS The Revenge" where they can actually play as the great white shark.

Pictures of the ball-eating shark prototype:

Pictures from the design and testing of the shark fin mech:

Pictures from the design of the boat on the playfield (I'm pretty sure that my boys had those boat toys when they were little lol):

Pictures of the earned 8-Bit shark mode:

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