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Stern Pinball Shows Off Elvira's House of Horrors on the Production Line

Well, it's Friday everyone. Not only does that mean that the weekend's almost here, it means that Stern Pinball will likely give us a glimpse at one of the games that it currently has in production. As mentioned in my article about the James Bond 60th gameplay stream earlier this week (, Stern is currently doing the long-awaited run of Elvira's House of Horrors.

With an empty space in March in Stern Pinball's highly scrutinized production schedule, many have been speculating that a reveal of the Company's next cornerstone pinball machine was going to happen sometime between now and the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival. Last night, people began dropping hints on Pinside that Stern might show off a new game today. It seems a little early for a teaser to me, given the fact that Bond is still fairly new and they just fully showed off the 60th Anniversary Bond for the first time a couple of days ago, but anything is possible. I'm going to keep an eye on Stern's social media feeds this afternoon and will report back if they do teas the next cornerstone.

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