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Stern Pinball Shows Off Venom LE on the Line; New Foo Fighters Wizard Mode

Happy Friday everyone! I was hoping that I'd have something to write about today...and we do.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the Limited Edition version of Stern Pinball's newest cornerstone game, Venom, is now on the production line. I believe that the initial Venom LEs were destined for overseas, but the ones that are coming off the line now are for U.S. customers. Very cool to see. I need to hop on over Pinball Map and find a Venom on location near me.

In other Stern Pinball news, yesterday it launched new code for Foo Fighters, Version 0.97. This update includes a new "The Final Battle" wizard mode as well as a new Foo Fighters song added to the game - "Rescued." It's pretty neat that Stern was able to add another new song to the machine this late in the game.

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