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Stern Pinball Teases Next Cornerstone Pinball Machine...Foo Fighters UPDATED

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

At noon today Stern Pinball revealed the theme for its next cornerstone pinball machine, the much rumored Foo Fighters. The short trailer did not contain any images of the actual pinball machine, we'll likely see that next week, but it did show off the video assets for the game, which appear to be custom-drawn animations of the Foo Fighters battling aliens. The animations have a sort of Ghostbusters cartoon vibe.

To give some context to that, "Foo Fighter" is a World War II term for the UFOs that many of the U.S. fighter pilots saw while flying. The well-known pinball artist, Zombie Yeti, has done a number of great concert posters featuring aliens for the band.

The machine will most likely be new Stern designer Jack Danger's first cornerstone game at the company. He previously designed the well-received Home Edition of Stern's Jurassic Park. The aforementioned Zombie Yeti is the artist for the game's cabinets, playfields and translites and Tanio Klyce is doing the game's code. I can't wait to see what Stern has in store for us with the game.

UPDATE: Stern Pinball is making a small number of the Limited Edition trim of Foo Fighters pinball available for sale on its website to Stern All-Access members on Tuesday 2/28 at 11:00 AM EST. So we should find out a lot more information about the game, such as pricing and what it looks like then.

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