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Stern Pinball Trademarks the Term "FLIPLOCK"

One of the coolest features of Stern Pinball's newest pinball machine, JAWS, is the mini-flipper on the right side of the playfield that enables players to essentially lock a ball by holding down the flipper until they're ready to use it. During multiball, this flipper can be used in conjunction with the action button to really lock a ball there until the player wants to release it.

Stern Pinball just filed a trademark for this feature, calling it "FLIPLOCK." This leads me to believe that this may not be the last time we see this cool feature in a game from the Company.

I'm actually scheduled to finally get a chance to play JAWS on location tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to pop some quarters into it and check it out.

Below is a link to the Trademark document:

Stern's FLIPLOCK in action on JAWS

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Bob N
Bob N
Feb 22

Should I Trademark mine as the 'OG FlipLock' ?

Replying to

Is that Elf? This game rules hope to see @ TPF

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