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Stern Pinball Publishes Second Teaser Trailer for Foo Fighters Pinball

As promised yesterday, this morning Stern Pinball published a second trailer for its next cornerstone pinball machine Foo Fighters. Surprisingly, this new trailer is basically just an expanded version of the first trailer that Stern published last week. It provides more details and a longer look at how the theme is being implemented in the game, yet still does not reveal what the pinball machine itself looks like.

The expanded trailer appears to show the members of Foo Fighters traveling to various cities across the United States before ultimately combining into a Voltron-like giant robot (man I loved Voltron as a kid) and fighting the Earth's alien invaders all the while playing various songs from the 15 song setlist that Stern revealed late yesterday.

Stern is scheduled to open up its on-line store for the sale of a small number of Foo Fighters Limited Edition machines in a a couple of hours. Initially I thought that Stern would have to to reveal something about the actual pinball machine beyond what is in the teaser trailer prior to taking orders for it, but in looking at the official launch schedule that they published earlier this week, it sure looks like we aren't going to get to see any of the machine's actual game play or art until March 1st. The trailer looks fun and I'm super excited to see what the game is like, but I personally would never, ever commit to pay five figures for anything without actually seeing it.

For those who haven't been following along, Foo Fighters was designed by Jack Danger with Zombie Yeti on art and Tanyo Klyce on code. It is rumored that the pricing for all three trim levels of the game will remain the same as Stern's previous release with 1,000 Limited Edition (LE) units at $12,999, Premium at $9,699 and Pro at $6,999.

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