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The Awesome New Homebrew Pinball Machine - Elf

Bob Nies shared his awesome new homebrew pinball creation Elf with the world for the first time yesterday in the "Strictly Custom Pinball Machines!" Group on Facebook. At the time I was knee deep in Deeproot pictures, but it was way too cool not to share here we go. It looks like the game will make an appearance at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival. If it's there and playing, someone has to take some gameplay video to share with everyone. It looks really cool. Here's Bob's description of his pinball machine:

"First post of my creation - Elf. Just need to finish up programming for the 3 video screens. 100% custom built on the P3-ROC, MPF and Unity3D. It's based on a modified WMS widebody - had to make it taller in the back so the toys fit. Some of the features: Jester pops out of his box. The upper playfield is a mini-game that has 2 catapults that throw pachinko balls at the Lego figures. 4 flippers, some servos, and a magnet. Check out the flipper at the end of the plunger - hmmm, how does that work? It will be at TPF !!"

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