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The Famous Pinburgh Pinball Tournament is Back

I'm literally standing in an aquarium at the moment, but I wanted to pop in to share the news that the legendary PAPA Pinburgh pinball tournament is back...

"Pinburgh 2024, once the largest match-play pinball tournament in the world, will be coming back to life after a five year hiatus! Brought to you by a few of the people involved with Replay FX, the event will cover three days, July 25-27, 2024, at the Rezzanine Esports facility in Bridgeville, PA.

In this year of reinvention, tickets will be extremely limited, with only 120 spots available! Please stay tuned for details on how to score a ticket.

Pinburgh 2024 will also feature the return of the Women's International Pinball Tournament, known as WIPT, as well as the Bash at the Burgh, formerly known as the Intergalactic Pinball Championship."

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