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The First American Pinball Galactic Tank Force Rolls Off the Line / 1st Stream Replay

Yesterday Barry Engler, American Pinball's Senior Manager of Production and Customer Service, shared a picture of the first official production Galactic Tank Force rolling off the line at the Company's factory. Congratulations to the team at AP!

In case you missed it, Stephanie and José from the pinball streaming channel One iPod One Pinball conducted the first ever extended gameplay stream of Galactic Tank Force simultaneously on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook last night. They did the stream on location at Ocelot Brewing Co. in Sterling, Virginia. The two had Joe Schober aka Ferret, programmer for the game on site, explaining the rules and playing with them.

I caught the beginning of last night's debut stream from the parking lot of my son's lacrosse game (man it was cold out) before it started and the rest of it when I got home. The stream video was clear and professional. There was some initial complaints about the game's volume by more particular viewers, but I personally didn't have a problem with it while sitting in a car using my phone. It looked and sounded even better after I got home and was able to watch it on a larger screen and the bar was less crowded. It was fun to see a number of people at the location playing Galactic Tank Force for the first time. I had some initial concerns about very short ball times, but as the players figured out the game their play improved. I personally can't wait to try GTF out.

I'm probably going to watch the stream again this weekend to pick up on anything that I missed in the middle. I have embedded the YouTube video of the stream below for those who missed it.

On a related note, the pinball at Ocelot Brewing looks amazing. According to Pinball Map, they have an impressive 19 pins on location, including the aforementioned American Pinball Galactic Tank Force, Dutch Pinball's The Big Lebowski, Stern Pinball Foo Fighters Pro, Spooky Pinball Scooby-Doo Collector's Edition, Stern Pinball James Bond Premium. Very cool. I need to figure out a way to stop there the next time I drive visit my oldest son at Virginia Tech.

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