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History of the Bally Attack From Mars Pinball Machine

A couple of days ago, YouTuber Kevin Carrington published a new video for his awesome series on the history of pinball. This one is about the uber-popular 1995 Bally classic Attack From Mars.

Bally sold 3,450 units of this Brian Eddy-designed classic back in the day. People love it so much that in 2017 Chicago Gaming Company built a significant number of officially-licensed remakes of Attack From Mars. The CGC version came in three variants, Classic Edition, Special Edition and Limited Edition.

Here's a few interesting facts from the video:

  • The UFO in the center of the game originally was supposed to be on a pivoting telescopic rod with a target hanging from it, so that it could move around the front of the playfield and the player could try to hit it. The development team made one prototype with the moving UFO that supposedly sort of worked that supposedly still exists today.

  • Because of the mystery award "Strobe Multiball" AFM was the first pinball machine to come with an Epilepsy Warning on it.

  • WMS Industries released an Attack From Mars slot machine for casinos

  • Tim Kitzrow of NBA Jam fame did a number of the voices in the game (though not the aliens).

  • The theme has absolutely nothing to do with the movie Mars Attacks.

  • The game's often massive bonus multiplier maxes out at a whopping 250X

Below are pictures that I took of the Chicago Gaming Company Attack From Mars Limited Edition at Middletown, New York's iconic Rock Fantasy pinball arcade and the games' flyers. I also have embedded the history video. Kevin's videos are always fantastic and worth a watch. Enjoy!

Chicago Gaming Company Attack From Mars Remake Limited Edition as seen at Rock Fantasy:

The original Bally Attack From Mars flyer:

The Chicago Gaming Company Attack From Mars Remake Flyer:

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