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The Princess Bride Pinball is Being Made By... / New JAWS Pinball Stream from Logan Arcade / Pinball & Pie?!

Here's a couple of afternoon pinball odds and ends for you all. First up we have additional information about the Princess Bride pinball machine that was initially teased last fall in a mysterious e-mail. Courtesy of the Slam Tilt Podcast, on their latest show Ron stated that he heard that The Princess Bride pinball is a module for the Multimorphic P3, however it is not being manufactured by Multimorphic itself but by someone else.

If that is indeed the case, that would be a very interesting change for the company. There's been several pinball modules and downloadable games developed for the P3 by third parties, but to the best of my knowledge The Princess Bride would be the first licensed title for the system to not be developed in-house. Very interesting. Thanks for the scoop guys.

Slam Tilt Podcast - Episode 222 "Play Angry"

Next we have a brand new stream of Stern Pinball's latest and greatest game JAWS. Last night it was streamed Live on location from Logan Arcade in Chicago, Illinois. It was a great 4 hour stream of JAWS Premium, featuring a number of different players and commentators. I've embedded it below for anyone who wants to check it out.

Last but not least, I have an article about a cool new location in Virginia that combines Pinball and...Pie?! Now that's a cool combo. My wife and son already want to go lol. The Pinball Basement in Arlington, Virginia is located inside of ACME Pie Company. As a University of Richmond graduate with a son who goes to Virginia Tech, I think that I can make a pit stop at this new location happen one of these days.

Pie meets pinball at new membership-based arcade inside ACME Pie on Columbia Pike

A small peek of the upcoming Princess Bride pinball machine from the latest teaser e-mail:

Pictures of The Pinball Basement:

Pics of JAWS at Logan Arcade:

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