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The Stern Pinball Luncha Libre Connection

It’s probably nothing, but it’s interesting to note that in addition to Todd McFarlane and Ozzy Osbourne, the biggest name in Mexican wrestling, Luncha Libre’s son, El Hijo del Santo, will make an appearance and sign autographs at the Stern Pinball booth during the San Diego Comic Con convention. Let the Stern Pinball Luncha Libre Pinball rumors commence LOL.

“Meet El Hijo Del Santo

The king of Lucha Libre is in the house! The biggest name in Mexican wrestling returns to Comic-Con for two days of signings. Son of the iconic Lucha Libre legend, El Santo, El Hijo del Santo is celebrating 40 years as a professional luchador. Come to the Stern Pinball and Rebellion Republic booth on July 21 and July 22 at noon for your chance to meet El Hijo Del Santo. Come for an autograph, stay for the Flying Planchas!”

Also of interest, Stern Pinball artist Zombie Yeti and their social media folks are teasing us about an Ozzy pin in the comments of their post :)

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