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Two Cool New Pinball Mods, Total Nuclear Cool Annihilation Jump Ramp & TS4 Slinky Dog Wireform

I was doing my usual YouTube search for pinball stuff this afternoon and I came across two really cool new mods that are in the process of being tested by LoganPinball, maker of aftermarket wireform mods for pinball, like the super popular plastic ramp replacement for Stern Pinball's Mandalorian Pro machines.

First up is a wild jump ramp for Spooky Pinball’s Total Nuclear Annihilation. Check this thing out. It installs at the top of the playfield and the balls literally jump off of it into a spinner.

The second mod that the company is testing is a new Slinky Dog wireform mod for the left side of JJP's TS4. It looks mod looks really awesome in the game and really adds to the theme integration. The dog's head even nods as the ball travels through the wireform.

Since both of these mods are still in development, they aren't isn't up on the company's website site yet, but here's a link to it anyhow so that you can check it out.:

My website's host, Wix, doesn't like it when I try to embed YouTube shorts for some reason, so here's a couple of links to videos of the new mods in action:

Speaking of Jersey Jack's Toy Story 4, I finally had a chance to play it at a brewery last weekend. My family and I enjoyed it. I have to say, while I was on it I was like the Pied Piper for all of the little kids in the brewery. Multiple random little ones were literally hanging their faces over the side of the pin watching the game play as my family and I were on it.

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