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Unico Phoenix 26” CRT Replacement LCD Monitor Now Officially on Sale

This morning Unico USA announced that its long-awaited 26" Phoenix Monitor Series Arcade CRT Replacement LCD Monitor is now officially on sale on its website. The new monitors are priced at $299.99.

Customers who order one of the new monitors now should receive them by mid-July. If the first batch of available monitors sells out, Unico plans to list another 300 units for sale. Orders of that batch should ship by the middle of August.

The company plans on sharing a video demo of the new 26" monitors in an original Mortal Kombat cabinet sometime tomorrow.

On a personal note, I really like the product name "Phoenix." It's an appropriate name for these monitors that bring classic arcade games with dead CRT monitors back to life. The Phoenix logo is super cool too. Yeah I know in an ideal world all classic arcade games would use their original CRTs, but with more and more monitors going down as time passes and a lack of new replacement CRTs and parts the new Unico monitors do look like an interesting replacement option.


  • Units work in CGA, EGA, HDMI, VGA, SVGA or XGA resolutions.

  • Ideal for use in most Arcade & Amusement cabinets.

  • Replace your old outdated or burn-in CRT monitors with a Unico Phoenix Series LCD monitor and give your games life again with our easy to install CRT replacement LCD.

  • Manufactured with high-grade components with a superior LCD panel, that offer better picture quality, balanced picture image, viewing angles and a longer life span with no burn-in (which is typical with traditional CRT monitors).

  • All units have a unique frame design that allows you ease of installation of our LCD panel to most arcade & amusement cabinets.

  • Built in connectors on back of LCD for CGA/EGA, HDMI, and DB15 VGA signal.

  • Pre-programmed to automatically sync with popular CGA/EGA games may require manual adjustment via OSD settings controller.

  • LCD's can be adjusted via our OSD settings for other CGA/EGA/HDMI/VGA games via included OSD settings controller.

  • +12v Power Supply

  • Mounting Bracket pre-installed on monitor for easy installation.


Active Screen Size: 25.7" TFT active matrix Display Colors: 8bit, 16.7M Resolution: 1600x1200 (Tested) Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Response Time: 1ms to 1.5ms Viewing Angles: 176(H)/176(V)

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Jun 24, 2023

lol, they are already sold out of the 26"ers..hilarious.


Brian Yurick
Brian Yurick
Jun 23, 2023

Unless a CRT tube is broken or outgassed it can be fixed. If anyone actually wanted to replace theirs with an LCD (barf) please put up your old CRT on craigslist for free and an arcade hobbyist will most likely take it off your hands and save it. Don't just chuck it in a landfill.

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