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Update From Multimorphic on P3 Machines & Weird Al Modules

Someone sent me this earlier, so I wanted to pass it along to everyone. As I mentioned here two weeks ago, Multimorphic is in great shape parts-wise but it is still ramping up its workforce to assemble new P3 machines and Weird Al's Museum of National Hilarity modules (See Article: ). The Company is now "a couple of weeks behind" on shipments of machines and Weird Al playfields.

In addition to the production update, Multimorphic stated that it is working hard on new Weird Al code that will include a new "You Make Me mini-wizard mode", an improved UHF multiball and a new special "Drink From The Firehose challenge" as well as the usual bug fixes and minor improvements. The game now has over an astonishing 2,500 callouts from Weird Al himself.

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