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Updated Stern Pinball Production Schedule

Good morning everyone. People have told me that they really like it when I post this, so I'm going to start things off today with an updated look at the production schedule for Stern Pinball. This is the latest info from the factory.

Not surprisingly, during the month of June Stern is producing all three trim levels of its latest game John Wick...Pro, Premium and Limited Edition.

Later in June, Stern is going to produce Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro and Iron Maiden Pro.

For July, Stern is scheduled to run Iron Maiden Premium, Jurassic Park Premium and Deadpool Pro. Interestingly, I have owned both Jurassic Premium and Deadpool Pro myself for several years. I guess that they're still in demand.

Previously I have said here that I thought we would see some sort of surprise from Stern Pinball on the line in July, be it a special Black and White Anniversary Edition of Godzilla or a new Metallica.

To quote the famous economist John Maynard Keynes “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

I'm kind of leaning towards the surprise from Stern happening in August now, but July is still possible. This is just a judgement call on my part based on recent conversations with knowledgeable people. All of this is speculation, which I personally find to be fun. Hopefully I've effectively communicated that nothing is 100% until it actually happens. I've written about things in the past, such as Stern Indiana Jones, which was right at the time but ultimately was cancelled. The production schedule is dynamic, not static.

So at this point, I'm keeping an eye out for Anniversary Godzilla, New Metallica or another run of Aerosmith in August. If you have any interesting info or have heard anything different about Stern's production schedule, reach out to me at

Thanks for reading!

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