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Weekend Update: Pinball Adventures, Candy Cabs & Blues Brothers

I’m no Michael Che or Colin Jost, but I do have a “Weekend Update” on pinball and arcade stuff for everyone.

Let’s start things off with the manufacturer of the pinball machine Punny Factory, Pinball Adventures. A week or so ago I wondered aloud about what had happened to them in an article here. Well, I received an answer…

“What did happened to that Canadian manufacturer, Pinball Adventures? We all took a 3 to 4 month break and enjoyed it!! We will start posting again and are almost finished the final tweaking of our game Elements. New boards, new code, new back box design, new menu design and I could go on... Lots of new designs never before seen on a pinball machine. Glad you enjoyed the Punny.... Next week as we get in the final game pcs, we will start to share. We are in pinball for fun and design and all do work other jobs:)))”

So there you have it. Pinball Adventures’ second game, “Elements” is supposedly still coming and updates will happen soon.


Next up we have the an update from the arcade monitor and machine manufacturer Unico. The company opened up pre-orders for its upcoming new Nova Blast Candy Cab a couple of weeks ago. This weekend they shared a production update for the project. They experienced some delays as they made improvements to the game’s custom JAMMA boards and metal base.

They will begin officially manufacturing the Nova Blasts at the end of May / middle of June with a cargo shipment of games currently scheduled to arrive in the United States in July 2024. They play to begin showing new updates on the game and production process on the game in the coming weeks.


Last we have the Taiwanese manufacturer of Thunderbirds, Homepin. I recently spoke with Joe Newhart at PinballSTAR amusements. He said that he has a 10 game shipment of Homepin’s second game This is Spinal Tap all boxed up and ready to ship to the United States. Those games are “on their way” and anyone who is interested in purchasing one can reach out to him at to purchase one.

Yesterday, Pinball Magazine reported that Homepin issued a press release (that I have yet to see) stating that its upcoming third game, will be based upon the 1980 John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd comedy film “Blues Brothers.”

Supposedly the new game will have “open source” code and be priced at $4,950 USD. We will be able to get a peek at a prototype of Game 3 at the upcoming Taipei GTI Arcade Machine show, which takes place during the last week of April. Manufacturing is expected to begin in July 2024 and Homepin has previously stated that it will bring it to the Chicago Pinball Expo in mid-October.

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