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When Will Stern Pinball Reveal Jaws?

We just got two brand new pinball machine reveals last week, and I've been talking about them here a lot, but we're greedy and we want more lol.

I have to think that Stern Pinball is next up in the pinball launch queue. Anyone else who was going to roll out a brand new game would have wanted to get out in front of the juggernaut that is Stern. The question is...when will Stern reveal its next pinball machine - which is heavily rumored to be Jaws by the GOAT 🐐 Keith Elwin?

I honestly have no special insight as to when Jaws will be officially announced other than it will probably be sometime between now and January 9th. Why January 9th? Well, that's the start date of the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Stern Pinball always has a booth at CES and they even have launched a game at the event before. If I had to guess, this year's Show will mark the first public appearance of Jaws. It's entirely possible that the game will launch in the form of a teaser or trailer or more prior to then but I think that gives us a sort of deadline as to the latest that Jaws will arrive.

This game hasn't even been officially confirmed yet and it's already gotten so much hype. I can't wait to see what Stern has in store for us.

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yeesh, that AI generated CES poster comes off as looking cheap and low effort


Let's hope it's by CES 2024 at the latest, then people can decide to start spending money in the secondary market again. Ridiculously priced great games are just sitting there.

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