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Will We See a Special Black & White Anniversary Edition of Stern Pinball's Godzilla in 2024?

Late yesterday, Zach and Greg from the YouTube pinball show Straight Down the Middle published their 2024 Preview episode. You all know that I love a good pinball rumor, so as soon as that popped up on my radar I was like "Ooh Ooh" and flipped it on.

The duo kicked off the show with some speculation about what the industry behemoth Stern Pinball has in store for us next year. The first potential machine they talked about was a possible 70th Anniversary Limited Edition of arguably Stern's most popular pinball machine ever, the Keith Elwin-designed Godzilla. They also discussed whether such a machine might have some sort of special Black and White art package, along the lines of Stern's recent Blood Red Kiss art package for its Elvira's House of Horrors game. I don't have any personal knowledge that a pin like this will happen, but a Godzilla LE Black and White Zombie Yeti art that has pops of reflective green makes sense and sounds pretty awesome to me. Bring it on Stern.

Below is the "Sneak Peek" episode of Straight Down the Middle for anyone who's interested in checking it out and of course, I've included a still from the original 1954 Toho movie "Godzilla."

A mockup of what a B&W Godzilla might look like from the SDTM video:

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