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Will We See American Pinball’s Next Game at the Upcoming Texas Pinball Festival?

In numerous interviews over the past several months, American Pinball's David Fix has stated that the Company's next game is based on a design by the late, great pinball designer Barry Oursler. For those of you who aren't familiar with Barry, check out this pinball resume at the end of this article. He designed or had a hand in designing dozens of the most famous pins ever made. If you're into pinball, there's almost no chance that you haven't played a Barry Oursler game.

Beyond the fact that Oursler designed American Pinball's next game, Fix has mentioned in interviews that it also contains live action video like the Conpany's recent game Galactic Tank Force. It has been rumored that the game is single level and may have some sort of food theme, such as a BBQ or less likely Food Truck.

We know quite a bit about AP's next game already, but the question remains when will we get to see it? Fix has been noncommittal when asked in interviews if the game will be at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival (TPF), which takes place from March 15th through the 17th in Frisco, TX. BUT...yesterday I received a promotional e-mail from TPF which hints that the game may indeed make its debut at the show. Fingers crossed that we get to see it there in a little over a month!

Barry Oursler games:

  • 1996 Williams Junkyard

  • 1995 Williams Jackbot

  • 1993 Williams Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • 2022 Pinball Brothers Queen

  • 1995 Bally Who Dunnit

  • 1995 Williams Dirty Harry

  • 1994 Bally Popeye Saves the Earth

  • 1992 Bally Dr. Who

  • 1991 Williams Hurricane

  • 1991 Williams The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

  • 1991 Bally Harley Davidson

  • 1989 Williams Bad Cats

  • 1989 Williams Police Force!

  • 1988 Williams Cyclone

  • 1988 Williams Jokerz!

  • 1987 Williams Space Station

  • 1986 Williams Grand Lizard

  • 1987 Williams Fire!

  • 1986 Williams Pinbot

  • 1986 Williams Comet

  • 1984 Williams Space Shuttle

  • 1983 Williams Joust

  • 1983 Williams Time Fantasy

  • 1982 Williams Cosmic Gunfight

  • 1981 Williams Barracora

  • 1991 Williams Solar Fire

  • 1981 Williams Jungle Lord

  • 1980 Williams Scorpion

  • 1979 Williams Laser Ball

  • 1979 Williams Time Warp

  • 1978 Williams Phoenix

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Single level (PF looks great and B60th is) and food theme. Ughh. Fix needs to go. Is there anything beyond a hard pass? Get a licensed theme for once!


Um, Taxi is a Mark Ritchie game….Barry just did callouts.

Replying to

All fixed. Thanks!

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