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Zen Pinball Reveals Texas Chainsaw Massacre Virtual Pinball; Three More Virtual Bally Williams Tables Coming to Pinball FX in 2024 with Big Ones in the Works for 2025

Zen Pinball shared a big news update with the virtual pinball community today. The video contained a lot of news about the company. First up, fresh on the heels of Spooky Pinball launching a real pinball machine based on the IP, Zen has created a new virtual Texas Chainsaw pinball machine for its Pinball M platform.

Beyond that, Zen finally provided an update on its seemingly left for dead license to recreate virtual Bally Williams tables. They have one more, three table Bally Williams table pack in the pipeline for the end of 2024. Originally two packs were scheduled, but the recent corporate restructuring at Zen slowed things down a little. They supposedly are working on bringing some big licensed Bally Williams tables out in 2025.

Zen is finally done screwing around with tricky payment structures like coins and monthly subscriptions and is going with a straight table purchase structure going forward. Buy a game for a clearly stated price and you own it.

Lastly, Zen is bringing back one of its older original tables that had not yet made the transition to its new virtual pinball platform, Super League Football. This table will be on Pinball FX starting May16th. Even better, it is free for everyone from 5/16 through 5/23.

Other recently announced new original Zen virtual pinball tables include Xena Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider and Pacific Rim - all also releasing on May 16th.

I haven't played Pinball FX in a while, partially because I've been playing a lot of Baldur's Gate 3 on my Steam Deck, but also because it has been so long since they've had any new Bally Williams tables. I'm looking forward to getting some new ones on there.

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Joe B
Joe B
May 02

It’s based on that terrible Netflix TCM. WTF

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