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A Trademark Was Filed for Avatar Pinball in December 2022

More fun with trademark searches this morning. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation filed for a "Goods and Services" trademark for "pinball" in December 2022. OK, the trademark filing included a million different items, from Avatar billiards to bird calls, but pinball was specifically in there so I'm going to continue my drumbeat for an Avatar Way of the Water pinball machine.

Regardless of whether you liked the Avatar movies, I personally did, could you imagine the amazing visuals, both on the screen and the playfield of an Avatar 2 pinball machine? That thing would be absolutely gorgeous. It has the potential to be Fathom on steroids. Yes, I'm biased because I have some sort of random obsession with aquatic pinball themes, but still.

Who knows if another Avatar pinball machine will ever be made, but at least it is fun to talk about. I think that it would make a much better theme for a pin than some of the rumored coming titles. This pinball trademark search thing is fun. Stay tuned for another article like this if I come across anything else interesting.

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