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American Pinball Creates New Twitch Channel, Teases "Incredible News," Addresses Rumors

This afternoon, American Pinball (AP) shared an update on its Facebook page announcing that it has created a new channel on Twitch. The folks from are going to launch the channel tomorrow night at 8:00 PM Central time with a stream of the Company's Hot Wheels pinball machine.

Also in the post AP said the following:

"Along with exciting gameplay, we also have incredible news to share with you all. Trust us, you don't want to miss this!"

Very interesting. I have no idea what this news is, but you better believe that I will tune in to find out as I always do lol.

In other American Pinball news, word is that the Company's David Fix is going to appear on a podcast later this week to address the recent rumors about the Company. American just issued the below press release in response to the recent rumors about Aimtron possibly seeking a buyer for it.

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Feb 01

I’ll watch more of the HW stream but wanted to call out AP’s poor showing. Announcing a new board set was a nothing burger. AP doesn’t need to stream until we see the board in action, we have no idea if it will work or work better. They should have used it in Hotwheels stream as proof of the pudding. Instead the promise of a new board is not welcomed as this historically means new hiccups.

The marketing side of me says AP should have gone big with their first stream. I’ve mentioned it needing the new board and now I’ll add AP should have shown 3 new mech’s added to HW. Fix promised wanting to design something new, …


Way to show AP is here to stay by streaming a game that came out 3 years ago.


Dear David Fix, I'm not watching this for you, i'll watch this for all the good people who work for you.


having a typo in the headline of their press release does great things to assuage my fears of the professionalism over there

Replying to

also they have the old logo...


I know what it is, GTF 50% Off!

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