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Stern Pinball Drops Another John Wick Teaser; Announces Launch Schedule

This morning Stern Pinball dropped two new interesting John Wick-related items for us. First up is the "Story Trailer" for John Wick Pinball. It doesn't really tell us a whole lot about the game, but we can make some pretty solid assumptions about it from the new trailer.

It sure looks like the game is going to contain a lot of video and audio assets from the John Wick movies. Also, if I had to guess, based on the last line in the short clip, "Saved by the ball, I see," it seems as though the actor who played Winston in the series, Ian McShane is doing callouts for the game. I don't know that 100%, but I'd bet on it.

We also were given the official game Launch Week schedule. As we discussed last week, Stern is releasing the official game trailer, game features video and pictures of the Limited Edition version of the game tomorrow, Tuesday May 7th. A small number of LE machines will also go be sold directly to Insider Connected All-Access members tomorrow at Noon Central time.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Stern is scheduled to release pictures of the Premium Edition of the game as well as a Stern Insider podcast about it.

Pictures of John Wick Pro will be released on Thursday, May 9th.

A gameplay premier video will be out on the 10th.

I'm hearing that production of John Wick has already begun and that Pro models will begin shipping to locations as early as later this week. So we should start seeing the game on location very soon, which is awesome.

"We have rules here, follow them…or else.” #JohnWick #SternPinball #Pinball

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Walt Wood
Walt Wood
06 de mai.

John wick zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when something exciting happens in pinball 🤣

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