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American Pinball Holds Pricing on Ordered Pinball Machines; To Hire More Employees in 2023

This morning, American pinball sent out a year-end press release. In the dispatch, they wished everyone Happy Holidays and made a couple of interesting pinball-related announcements.

First, the Company stated that it will continue to honor its existing prices for all machines that have been ordered by customers. That's welcome news for anyone who is waiting on an American Pinball game. One might be able to infer by that statement that a price hike is likely coming from AP in 2023. If they weren't going to raise prices going forward, then they would wouldn't have to honor existing prices. I vaguely remember reading the other day (and I do A LOT of reading about the hobby) that AP is going to raise prices on new pins by $250 in 2023, but don't hold me to that because I can't remember where I saw it.

Also of note from the press release is the following statement:

"In preparation for increased production in the coming year, American Pinball is pleased to announce that it will be hiring additional employees to join its team."

AP must be expecting big things from its rumored next release, the Dennis Nordman-designed, Christopher Franchi art Galactic Tank Force.

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