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Atari Acquires the Rights to Intellivision

Good morning everyone. I finally made it to my hotel here in Chicago at around 1:00 AM local time last night. From Manhattan before breakfast to here late at night was one heck of a long day, but I made it and I even have my luggage so we’re all good.

Here’s something that’s retro gaming related that I found interesting, Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand and game library. Wow, Atari is really creating quite a stable of classic gaming IP. I love this move for them.

I was an Atari 2600 guy as a kid, so I didn’t have much exposure to Intellivision other than playing it at friends’ houses but a lot of people have fond memory of the console from their youth.

The Nintendo Life website has a quote from the head of Atari’s recently acquired Digital Eclipse's studio, Mike Mika saying that this acquisition, "ends the longest-running console war in history". Speaking of Digital Eclipse, they’re one of my favorite developers. They’ve been breathing new life into all sorts of classic games and preserving a ton of arcade history. You totally should check them out if you haven’t.

Fortunately for Atari, this deal has nothing to do with the oft-delayed, controversial Amico console. Atari is just getting the Intellivision brand and the rights to more than 200 games.

What video game console(s) did you have as a kid? Like I said, I was a 2600 and then eventually a Nintendo Entertainment System aka NES person.

We acquired the Intellivision brand and game library. 👏

"This was a very rare opportunity to unite former competitors and bring together fans of the golden age of gaming.” - Wade Rosen

The former Intellivision will rebrand and continue distribution of the Amico console.

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Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas

I had an Intellivision as a kid. My two best friends had an Atari 2600 and a Magnavox Odyssey. We would rotate through each others' homes playing, it was glorious. Everyone loved the Intellivision...Astrosmash, Space Battle, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, NHL Hockey, Night Stalker, and B-17 Bomber were my favorites. The worst thing about the console was the controllers. The plastic inserts that slid over the numeric keypad were cool, but the 360 control at the bottom would sometimes not go the way you wanted it to. Fun times!


Nick Klein
Nick Klein

If you trek north just across the border. The Brat Stop is a cool place to visit, and that’s besides the 11 pinball games. Appreciate your articles.



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